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Hair Weaving Shop in Delhi

Hair Weaving Shop in Delhi
Hair Weaving Shop in Delhi
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Why You Should Choose RITU Hair Weaving Services in Delhi

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Hair weaving is a non surgical procedure to treat baldness and thinning hair. This is safe and effective solution .In this technique we covered your bald area from patch wig and extension they made from natural human hair or artificial hair . we add your hair  hair density and cover your bald scalp with this technique .Hair weaving is chip and immediate solution for hair loss .hair weaving is helpful for men and women .person can decide on the length color and hair texture .Hair weaving is temporary can wear them day to night .there are various type of weaving like  bonding,pasting,tracking,fusion,netting,tree braiding.Clip in and clip on hair extensions large area can be covered easily in this system . no pain no scar no swelling no infection  no any side effect in this technique .Hair weavies total life is 18 to 24 month. cost / price of hair weaving in our centre Delhi rs. 6000 to rs.15000.


  • Single day sitting procedure, Guaranteed Results, Completely Hygienic
  • Non-surgical procedure, Adaptability and flexibility
  • It Like natural hair, it can be shampooed, oiled, comb and tied in any style.
  • No Stitches, Provide Zero Side Effect
  • 100% safe, effective & gives instantaneous relief from baldness
  • Affordable Cost of the Offered Range, Perfect styles,colors,lengths
  • Textures, designs and hairstyles, No shine tape, Ultra hold hair wig glue
  • Hair weaving, Hair fixing, It designed having enhanced durability
  • Ideal for sensitive skin, Use high quality wig, Longer time period
  • Natural appearance, high strand strength, fine finish and luster.
  • Rich Experience & Knowledge,Broadest Range Of Wigs & Hairpieces
  • Highest quality hair wigs at market leading prices
  • Complete technical support and staff
  • Vast infrastructure facility, well-trained procurement staff
  • Quality analysts, processing staff 

Hair weaving is a non-surgical process to weave remy hair into the wearer's own hair or scalp to give volume, density and cover baldness or hide hair thinning. There are many processes that can be followed for supplementing extra hair, mainly extensions to the scalp. The wearers have to choose the additional hair, according to their own hair length, so that these extra hair blend well. Extra hair can be attached through different procedures, from hair bonding, hot fusion, cold fusion to tree braiding. Lace extensions is considered the latest technique, amongst all aforementioned procedures.

Hair weaving delhi procedure can also be referred as hair integration. On the basis area of the patient’s hair, the extra hair is woven, which provides a natural look. A hair weaving procedure results in a longer, thicker and instant hair. Only trained professionals can execute this procedure that guarantees zero fall out. This procedure can be performed on both, men and women, having any kind of hair. The two major benefits of this procedure and ability and adaptability. These hair can be treated as if its own, for instance, it can be oiled, shampooed, comb and styled.

Every man and woman in this world, at some point of their life will suffer from hair loss and hair thinning issues. Hair loss and baldness in men is the most concerning issue, they start to lose their hair- most or all, on the highest of their head, while they retain all the hair within the back and sides of their head. While many of the men prepare their self for the genetic catastrophe, it doesn't go down well for celebrities and TV personalities. To hide their baldness, those men tend to wear costly hats or bandanas or choose costlier solutions.

Hair transplant has become a rage amongst celebrities and men, who have no issues in resorting to this expensive procedure. These personnel can not bear and accept a receding hair line, as this can have bad effect on their career. The techniques used in hair transplant are FUE, FUT and robotics.

In comparison, hair weaving is quicker and affordable. Performed mainly by professional hair stylists and hair dressers, hair weaving involves adding human/synthetic hair to either bald areas of scalp or to a wearer's natural hair. Human hair is sourced from different places, cleaned, processed and sold in the market by companies in hair business. The person going for hair weaving must consider his/her hair type, before deciding upon the type of additional hair. They can also select the hair according to their hair texture- straight, curly or wavy.

Different weaving techniques include fusion, bonding, netting, small braiding and tracking, lace extensions; to name a few. Hair weaving helps patients affected by baldness, particularly those suffering from alopecia totalis. Further If You Want To Know More About Hair Weaving Please
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we use natural ( natural human hair )  and artificial hair for hair weaving . no any side effect from these hair . different color   size and texture hair available our shop. person can decide hair color  hair length and hair texture . you can wash shampoo oil comb easily . these hair suitable for all both men and women.


  • weaving is non surgical process to cover bald area .
  • Its painless treatment that can be done in  1 hour.
  • In our large bald area cover easily .
  • Men and women decide hair color  hair length and hair texture according us.
  • Hair weaving cost is much less then hair transplant .


yes hair weaving is truly best and popular procedure for baldness person both men and women, cancer patient, Alopecia person .This is non surgical and very chiper processor . result with in one hour at center .No require will go to hospital or clinic . hair weaving attachment is different method .


There are different techniques of hair weaving like bonding,pasting,tracking,fusion,netting,tree,braiding,clip in and clip on hair extensions.
bonding is popular and best technique.


Hair weaving is not a permanent solution for hair loss .hair weaving total life is 18 to 24 month .In this processor natural or artificial hair wig / hair patch / fix with adhesive glue or other technique on the bald scalp .these hair wig / hair patch do not have follicles .they do not grow . hair weaving required maintenance every 3 to 5 week .but weaving is cheaper and immediate solution for all person who do not want to undergo any of the surgical procedures of hair loss .


In hair weaving we use natural and artificial wig / patch / extension.they attach with adhesive glue on the bald area of the scalp .this is temporary attachment you can wear them daily or take off daily .this in non surgical process, no pain, no scar, no swelling, no doner area require, no require go to hospital or clinic .All processor Slow with in 1 hour. person chose hair length color and texture according to us .  large bald area easily cover . different way of weaving to cover baldness . minimum cost rs . 6000 to rs. 15000

HAIR TRANSPLANT: This is surgical procedure. in this technique require natural hair from your scalp or your body . transplant are two techniques FUT ( follicular unit transplantation )  and FUE (  follicular unit extraction  )  hair transplant surgery should only be done at a clinic or hospital . this is very costly procedure . in this method risk of scar swalling and infection . itching is major side effect  many of the patient who done hair transplant .This procedure that is applicable only if the person has a sufficient donor area .  hair transplant not safe and successfull.This is very costly . it cost around in India rs. 45000 to rs. 150000


Hair weaving is safe and successfull technique.


In our center in Delhi hair weaving cost/price rs. 6000 to rs.15000 for both men and women


  • You wear a natural or synthetic hair weaves it need care like your own hair.these are some tips to care hair weaving.wash with a shampoo every 7 to 14 day ( depending on your workout and whether),Apply a leave-in conditioner after shampoo for 2 to 5 minutes .
  • Dry hair with slow hair dryer .
  • Complete the shampoo and conditioner Apply  2 drop hair oil or sirum.
  • Use comb with gently hand .
  • Avoid using hard heat tools .
  • If possible take a service with in 3 to 5 week your nearest hair weaving center



In order to weave additional hair in the scalp or natural hair, there are many techniques. Sewing hair  on to the artificial scalp is the most common means. The major benefit of this procedure is that it is a non-surgical procedure that calls for no prescription. The flexibility and adaptability of this procedure differentiate this technique. People who have gone through this procedure can treat the hair as if they are their own. They can oil, comb and wash their hair using mild shampoo and conditioner. These wont harm the scalp.

One of the temporary weaving methods is bonding. This popular weaving technique is the best way to add volume to hair or adding colorful streaks to your natural hair. A special adhesive is used to glue the tracks of hair to the original hair roots. It is advisable to remove these extensions after a week or two, so as to prevent damage to your natural hair.

In this process, real hair locks are braided around the head, so that the tracks can be sewn onto the braids. Around 8-15 tracks are needed to be sewn using a needle and a special thread to cover a full head. The wearer can treat these hair as their own and care it by washing them at least once a week.

The hair must be braided in a style- often cornrows, to sew the weave hair. The other style that can be adopted to braid the original hair is zig zag, which allows easier and quicker sewing of tracks. In case, when the wearer wants a part or half the hair weaved, they leave out a section of hair. In this procedure, the hair is sewn in horizontal direction, that is, one side to another. In case, the wearer is going to have a parting, it is strictly recommended to glue the weft of hair closely at the part in the hair that separates the braids and the left out hair. After weaving is complete, the wearers can have a hair cut or style their hair into order to blend the additional hair into their own.

The fusion weaving technique delivers versatile and real looking weaves on the market. The professional hair stylist and hair dressers make use of an equipment similar to a hot glue gun to adhere natural hair extensions to individual strands of wearer's own hair for a truly authentic look. The wearers can wash their hair every week and make use of hair styling products, such as gels and mousse.  A section of the human hair is attached to sectioned hair of wearer by a hair stylist.

In this technique, natural hair locks are braided under a thin and breathable net. This net serves as a flat surface, on which extensions are weaved by the stylists. Compared to other kind of technique, netting is more flexible and have no limitations. Compared to tracking process, netting process is likely to provide more flexibility as in this procedure the stylist is not limited to sewing extensions to a braid. This hair weave can last for up to three-four months only if the hair are maintained properly.

In this technique, a basic cornrow is used to incorporate artificial hair into the natural hair of the wearer. 24 inch is the most preferred hair length. In this technique, the parting of the hair is done from the front of the head continuing towards the nape of the neck. Starting at the beginning of the braid, the artificial hair is folded in half, creating a cornrow with a knot in front. The hair stylist creates a braid of 3-4 strokes, pulls out a piece of the extra hair (extensions), then creates a braid of an additional 3-4 strokes and again pulls out another piece of extension. The process continues until all the artificial hair is pulled out. The hairstylist adds other section of extension into the braid and continues till it reaches the back. A rubber band is used to tie the ends. In some cases, ends can also be sewn using weaving needle and string.

This is a temporary and a very effective  technique that no negative impact on wearer's natural hair. Small toupee clips are sewn on the hair weft. The set of clip in extensions usually has on an average eight human hair strips of widths ranging between two inches to eight inches. The clip in extensions are attached into the wearer's own hair starting from nape. This technique involves sectioning the hair and placing the hair onto that section. Open clips facing the scalp are snapped into places. For more secure grip, the hairstylists lightly backcomb the sections. All the clip in wefts are attached in place to give more volume and definition. It will be the best to first style your hair and extensions and then fit them to your head. The clip in extensions can be worn all day and all night, however, these must be removed before you go to sleep. Many women wear clip in extensions in weddings and other occasions at night, while some wear these clippings everyday to work. This means this extensions is so versatile, that it can be used whenever and wherever.



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