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Q 1. What is a hair replacement system?

Hair replacement system is a non surgical procedure to cover baldness with natural hair patches or wigs. This procedure or system is meant for for both men and women.

Q 2. Can I avail this hair replacement procedure?

Yes, you can avail our hair replacement procedure. Here, we examine your hair fall stage & level of baldness and accordingly cover your bald area with hair wig and patch that is suitable for you. Our offered hair pieces are made from natural human hair that can be fixed and removed even at home.

Q 3. How do you decide my level of baldness and suggest proper hair wigs or patches?

At our center, we thoroughly examine your scalp and level of baldness using modern technologies and cutting edge machines. After this, we decide a proper hair piece system as per your size and baldness.

Q 4. How much time, does this procedure take?

This is a highly time efficient procedure. Cutting, setting and fixing of hair wigs is done within an hour.

Q 5. How hair wigs or patches are fixed ?

We provide a wide range of hair piece attachments that includes clips, trid, glue, hair wig tape etc. You can choose the attachment as per your need and comfort

Q 6.  Will I face any problem or get infection after wearing a wig?

No, our offered hair wigs are highly safe to use. The base net of these wigs is made from top quality polymer or silicon, which make these comfortable to wear and safe to the scalp.

Q 7.  Can I exercise or swim after fixing the hair wigs?

Yes, you can do swimming, exercise, yoga and also play various games after fixing our hair wigs.

Q 8. Can I choose any type of hair style?

The offered wigs are free style hair pieces that allow you to make different hair styles.

Q 9. How long I can wear my hair wig?

It depends on the care and maintenance. Generally, hair wigs or other hair pieces last for about one and half to two years.

Q 10. Can I apply dye or color to my hair wig?

Yes, you can apply color or dye to your hair wig or hair patches

Q 11. How to maintain my wig?

The best ways to maintain your hair wigs or other hair extension pieces are as follows
1. Brush or comb your hair wigs with a gentle hand
2. Wash your hair wig with shampoo and apply conditioner
3. Use serum or non sticky oil
4. Use hair dryer if required
5. If possible, visit to your nearby hair wig center in 4-6 weeks duration for maintenance and care

Q 12. Will people get to know that i am using hair wig?

No, people will not able to detect your wig. As the offered wigs are made from natural human hair, you can make any kind of hairstyles and apply color, dye, oil etc that gives you a natural look.

Q 13. Is this hair wig system is permanent or temporary?

The hair wigs are of two types
1. Permanent - That get fixed for 25 to 35 days
2. Temporary - That can be removed or fixed daily

Q 14. How much does it cost?

The price range of these wigs start from Rs 6000 to Rs 15000. Rates get different with varying quality and type of wig

Q 15.What is hair wig tape?

Hair wig tape is double sided self adhesive tape.This is use for hair replacement system like hair wig Hair patch and hair extension.It's provide long time holding outstand bonding and natural look.These are waterproof tape.The tape are made in sterile environment no side effects no infection no itching.we sell and supply top quality wide range of hair wig tape you can choose according your budget and requirement Hair wig tape are clear tape ( transparent ).we have available in different type hair wig tape  like.

  • No shine tape
  • Lace front tape
  • Sensi tak ( red tape )
  • Extenda bond plus
  • Ultra hold tape

All hair wig tape holding time depends on temperature weather and your life style.

Uses of hair wig tape:
Hair wig tape use attachment for hair replacement system like hair wig Hair patch and hair extension.Its double sided self adhesive tape.These are two types

  • Daily wear (Minimum holding hair wig tape) fixing for one or two days
  • Permanent wear(Maximum holding hair wig tape) fixing for 3 to 5 week
Size length colour range
Available wide range of hair wig tape
  • No shine tape
  • Ultra hold tape
  • Extenda bond plus
  • Lace front tape 
  • Sensi tak  (red tape) 

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